Tribal Art of India

5 thoughts on “Tribal Art of India”

  1. Hi! Came across your post while we were searching for images on Orissa Tribal Art. Lovely image! As a crafts/arts initiative for rural artisans, we were hoping to use the particular image’s thumbnail version in our brochure. Please let us know if that is alright by you. Will give the necessary credit! 🙂

  2. Hi, these paintings are wonderful! I am bringing out a book with a Professor of Political Science based in Heidelberg University, Germany but he is from Orissa. The book is on Citizenship in a Global Context. He would like very much to use the ‘Tree of Life’ picture for the cover. Is there any way to contact the artist to find out if this might be possible?
    Many thanks also for broadcasting these pictures!

  3. Dear Mamatha,
    I am thoroughly impressed by the Saura painting ‘Tree of life’ available in your blog. I am writing a book about the tribes of India and their art and intend to publish it soon. Tribal painting of our country is so rich but so neglected so I am writing this for the welfare of this art. I want to include this painting in my book just for mere reference and not for any commercial purpose. I will be very grateful if you could assist me or guide me to refer the context of the painting in my upcoming book. I will definitely mention your name and the name of the artist\art organization under the picture credit.
    Many thanks
    Best Regards
    Indrani Dev Gupta

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