Where to donate your used clothes, computers, books, toys, etc. in Bangalore

Update – Oct 07, 2012

I wrote this blog post a couple of years ago and I can see a lot of hits to this page.  Things have changed a lot in these couple of years. Here are some of the facebook groups that you may want to join to sell/donate/buy used stuff –

To buy/sell any kind of used stuff like clothes, furniture, books, electronics and up-cycled products in Bangalore – Second To None

There is also the good old Bangalore Craigslist and eBay

To buy/sell cameras and accessories – BANGALORE CAMERA BUY/SELL

To give away (donate) – Indian NGOs Network,  Think Twice and Freecycle Bangalore

If you need any other kind of information, try – Put Me In Touch

Will compile all the NGOs one of these days!

BTW, the below article that I wrote in 2010 still holds good.


I think I have a room full of clothes, toys and miscellaneous items that I can give away. Usually, I give it to the maid to avoid the extra effort needed to find a charity, drive down and donate.  After we returned to Bangalore in 2004, a couple of times I gave away all the unused clothes to the people who came to the doorstep and told me that they were collecting for so and so ashram. Later I was told that they are not genuine; they sell the clothes and make money!

This time around, I thought I will find an ngo where my stuff will find good use. So started the search online and offline. Rakum School for the Blind  in Indiranagar was suggested by one of the friends. I think they are doing great charity work. Highly recommend if you live in that part of Bangalore.

Then I came across RK foundation where they have different projects for clothes, food, education, etc. Got in touch with them and asked my friends too, for used clothing, so that I can make my trip really useful. RK foundation is located in the heart of the city, near town hall.

Another organization like RK foundation is Goonj, where you can give clothes, footwear, utensils, toys, etc.

I also have a lot of toys that my boys have outgrown. Then I found Toy Bank which takes toys that are in good condition (no guns/swords, no Barbie dolls) wraps them and gives it to the under privileged child.

If you have furniture, electronics, electrical items or any of the above mentioned things, then there is a yahoo groups called BangaloreReuse.  BangaloreReuse is the place where you can post messages for items you would like to give away and items you would like to find. The only requirement is that all transfers must be FREE. Membership is open.

Click to join BangaloreReuse

And for the books, Hippocampus Reading Foundation partners with NGOs to establish and maintain libraries. One such NGO that I am aware of is Makkala Jagriti. You can donate books, toys and other learning aids at their Adugodi center.

Alternatively, You can sell the books to used book stores (second hand bookshops) like Select on Brigade Road, Blossom on Church Street. Online circulating library Librarywala also buys books from you. They also donate the books if it is not usable for their online library.

So, make that one trip and I am sure that someone will make good use of things that are otherwise lying useless at home.

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